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Why Pick Orane for Your Beauty Dreams in Himachal?

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  • Unmatched Expertise: Orane boasts over 15 years of experience, shaping successful beauty careers across India. Our curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends and techniques in the industry, ensuring you graduate with the most sought-after skills for a beauty course in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Career Options Galore: Our diverse courses empower you to become a sought-after cosmetologist, makeup artist, hairstylist, nail technician, spa therapist, and more. Whether you envision yourself working in a luxurious salon, managing your own beauty haven, or specializing in bridal makeup artistry, Orane equips you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. Consider enrolling in any of our makeup artist courses in Dharamshala or hairstylist courses in Solan to begin a successful career.
  • Learning Beyond Textbooks: Gain hands-on experience that sets you apart. Our practical training and live demos, guided by industry veterans, provide a dynamic learning environment. You’ll hone your skills in a professional setting, building confidence and mastering the techniques needed to excel in the real world. This is especially valuable for those seeking a cosmetology course in Himachal Pradesh or if you want to gain certified expertise in hairstyling, makeup, or nail art.
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Investing in Orane is Investing in Your Success

  • Nationally Recognized Leader: We operate across 110+ academies in India, making us a leader in beauty education. Our reputation precedes us, ensuring your Orane qualification is recognized and respected by employers nationwide. Consider pursuing a beauty course in Palampur, Dharamshala, or Solan and leveraging our national recognition upon graduation.
  • Skilled and Certified: Over 80,000 students have been equipped with industry-recognized certifications and diplomas. These credentials validate and elevate your expertise, leading to an exciting career journey. Our programs put us right up among Dharamshala’s best beauty academies.
  • Globally Valued Credentials: Orane offers international accreditations from CIBTAC (UK) and CIDESCO (Switzerland), giving your skills a global edge. These internationally recognized qualifications will give you a significant advantage if you ever dream of working abroad.

Placement Support: Our strong industry partnerships ensure you have access to rewarding opportunities after graduation. We don’t just train you; we connect you with potential employers, giving you a head start in your beauty career.

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Open the Door to Opportunities and Achievements

Begin a fulfilling journey in the ever-evolving world of beauty and wellness, and let us guide you toward achieving your dreams in the heart of “Devbhoomi” Himachal! Orane International isn’t just a hub of multiple beauty academies; it’s your gateway to a successful and rewarding career in the world of beauty.

Our Programs

Tailored Programs for Every Beauty Aspiration

Finding a beauty course is easy at Orane International – with over 100 beauty programs available in cosmetology, aesthetics, hair, makeup, nail art, spa, nutrition, laser therapies, Ayurveda, Mehendi, salon management and more.

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